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Founded in 1984 in Calle Ecuador as an Acupuncture consultancy, I.P.S moved to Calle Josep Taradellas 5 in 1986 and has its new home at C/ Pere IV, 268. Local 1 – Escalera A.

We began to offer more and more types of treatments including Electromagnetic Polar Balance, Geobiology, Quiromassage and other therapies based on traditional Chinese medicine such as Heliotherapy, Fitotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Diet and Nutrition. At I.P.S we work with an overall, not partial knowledge of the patient and we use treatments which are compatible with the medication presribed by yoru Doctor, this reducing as your symptoms are alleviated.

The said treatments can be used in very diverse cases such as Odine’s Syndrom, Down’s Syndrome, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Arthuritis, Polyarthritis, Infertility, Hernias, Digestive problems, respiratory problems.


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