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Other treatments

Osteopathy, Glot-up and other

Apart from offering Chinese medicine treatments, acupuncture, moxibustion and polar balance Ipseoul also offers the following treatments:


La osteopatía es el sistema de curación que pone énfasis principal sobre la integridad estructural del cuerpo (en el plano físico, químico y mental). Esta integridad estructural es el factor más importante a mantener. Rige la buena salud del organismo y evita la enfermedad.

El tratamiento osteopático consiste en aplicar técnicas prácticas orientadas a aliviar el dolor y así restaurar las funciones y promover la salud y el bienestar del paciente.

Existen 3 tipos de disciplinas:

Osteopatía articular: Dedicada al restablecimiento del aparato músculo-esquelético y de la postura, centrándose en la columna vertebral y traumatismos.

Osteopatía craneal: Se centra en los problemas craneales y su influencia en el Sistema nervioso central.

Osteopatía visceral: Enfocada hacia la curación de órganos y vísceras, mejorando la función de estos mediante manipulación para conseguir un mejor riego sanguíneo.


The Glot-Up is a pre-orthodontic device which has been designed to treat a number of health issues in patients of age 5 years and upwards.
At I.P.S we use the Glot-Up as a tool to correct dental problems like malocclusion, the help with the mobilisation of the craneal bones (like in Craneo-Sacral Therapy) and much more. To read about the Glot-Up and it’s many functions and how it works – visit www.glot-up.com.


In traditional Chinese Medicine, Geobiology is known by the name Feng Shui. It consists of the seach for a good place, the extent of naturally occuring radiation, underground water sources etc which produce ionizing radiation which can adversely affect your health. This also includes things such as high tension cables, electrodomestic products such as TV’s, microwaves, plugs, transformers and much more. At I.P.S we can analyse your home or office environment and advice in the positioning of your belongings as well as the placement of stickers which can rebalance the property.

Bach Flowers

At IPS we also offer Bach Flowers, a simple and natural approach toward healthcare which uses certain flowers. The remedies which are able to treat many mental health related issues as well as the physical condition of the patient. THey were discovered by Dr. Edward Back in the 1930′s.


System-Inn is an exclusive system which allows the perfect development and colocation of the penis.

The boxers and briefs from System-Inn are designed for maximum comfort and security en all situations.

Chiropractic massage

Is a massage technique which soley uses the hands. With different manipulations and movements, exercising different intensities of pressure, we look for a strong effect of alleviating and relieving diverse symptoms in the patient.

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