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Polar Balance

Electromagnetic Polar Balance

“In 1905 when Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity he initiated one of the greatest changes of thought in the history of the Humanity. E 2 = ms c was the flag of the change; and the synthesis; and the way. Only a few times since then one has said so much in so little space.

And western man recovered the Conscience of the self: he himself, and everything that exists, belong to the same essence, everything is Energy; and the difference between the mass and energy, the mind and the body turned out to be just differences in vibration. The way of atomic energy was opened, but also the way towards the Universal Conscience. The world-machine, fixed, subject to immutable laws, was transformed into a world of change, whose characteristics depended on the observer. Later the interaction would arrive from the Quantum Mechanics, hinted and almost raised by Heissemberg in its Principle of uncertainty, and where everything depends on the interaction between the observer and the observed item, But this change in the understanding of the world, that the technology and with it has transformed the customs, arriving with its effects until the last corners of the planet, has paradoxically not entered into the normal thought of the contemporary man, and less still of the Medicine that all the technology uses, developed with that thought, within a linear vision, mechanist and dichotomist from century XVII.

Electromagnetic Polar balance is a Medicine based on the handling of the information and constituted on the principles of the Physics, of the Quantum Medicine, that it looks for to reconstruct the Essential Unit of the Man: everything is One; all his being is only essence with different levels from manifestation; Physical, Mental, Emotional… The electromagnetic field that surrounds to each person is susceptible to any originating load of the outside and to be transformed, positively or negatively, influencing all the processes. Because everything is compound of atoms that are united by electrical forces, those that unite as well to atoms to each other to form molecules, to these to form protein structures and with them, woven and organs. Everything in the organism is electrical. All chemical reaction is electrochemical, and these forces act because they have polarities, by means of which are united or they are repelled. Working on the polarities, electrical or magnetic, constitutes a masterful key that opens to the control of the structures and the functions.

Electromagnetic Polar Balance is able to observe the dynamic balance of the polarities of the organism. It is a Medicine which can to use any technique that can help the Human being, from Acupuncture to the Homeopathy, antibiotics to the plants, the manual techniques to the age old Ayurveda, from the water to the Earth, from the food to the air. Everything, if it is possible to be turned information, can be a valuable instrument adapted to the conditions of each person, to give each one everything what needs, but only what needs. This aid given through the polarity process is able to transform its life, giving the Medicine a dimension that goes as well beyond the control of the disease and laying a way of personal development to the Therapist, because nobody can give what it does not have. The handling of the information and equilibrating of the polarities are ways which lead to many possibilities.”

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