Electromagnetic Polar Balance

Electromagnetic Polar Balance

When in 1905 Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity, he was initiating one of the greatest changes in thought in the known history of Humanity.

E = m c 2 was the flag of change; and the synthesis; And the way Few times until then had said so much in so little space. And the Western man regained the Consciousness of Unity: he himself, and everything that exists, belong to the same essence, everything is Energy; and the difference between mass and energy, between the mind and the body again was only the greater or lesser vibrational frequency. The path of atomic energy was open, but also the path to Universal Consciousness.

The machine-world, fixed, subject to immutable laws, was transformed into a world-change, whose characteristics depended on the observer. Later the world-interaction of Quantum Mechanics would arrive, intuited and almost raised by Heissemberg in his Principle of Indeterminacy, and where everything depends on the interaction between the observer and the observed.

But this change in the understanding of the world, which has transformed technology and with it customs, coming with its effects to the last corners of the planet, paradoxically has not become part of the normal thinking of contemporary man, and even less of the Medicine that uses all the technology, developed with that thought, within a linear, mechanistic and dichotomizing vision since the 17th century.

Electromagnetic Polar Balance is a Medicine based on information management and constituted on the principles of Physics, of Quantum Medicine, which seeks to reconstruct the Essential Unit of Man: everything is One; His whole being is only essence with different levels of manifestation; Physical, Mental, Emotional ... The electromagnetic field that surrounds each person is likely to be impacted with any charge coming from outside and transformed, for better or worse, influencing all processes. Because everything is composed of atoms that are joined by electrical forces, which in turn join atoms together to form molecules, to these to form protein structures and with them, tissues and organs. Everything in the body is electric. Every chemical reaction is electrochemical, and these forces act because they have polarities, by which they bind or repel. Working on polarities, electrical or magnetic, constitutes a master key that opens the control of structures and functions. And Electromagnetic Polar Balance has the techniques to find the dynamic balance of the polarities of the organism.

A Medicine capable of using any technique that can help the Human Being, from Acupuncture to Homeopathy, from antibiotics to plants, from manual techniques to millenary Ayurveda, from water to land, from food to air . Everything, if it can be converted into information, becomes a valuable instrument adapted to the conditions of each person, to give everyone everything they need, but only what they need. This help delivered through the polarity process is capable of transforming your life, giving Medicine a dimension that goes beyond disease control and opening a path of personal development to the Therapist, because nobody can give what does not have.

The management of information and the rebalancing of polarities are an open path to all possibilities.

Dr. Francisco Ríos. International Acupuncture Congress. Sevilla, spring of 94.

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