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Founded in 1984 on Calle Ecuador was an acupuncture consultation, it was moved in 1986 to C/Josep Taradellas 5. Its current address is, C / Pere IV, 268. Local 1 - Stairs A. The therapies of the center are extended With the treatment of Electromagnetic Polar Balance, Geobiology (Habitat Health), Chiromassage and based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, alternative therapies with Heliotherapy, Phytotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Dietetics and Nutrition are increased.

All this leads us to a total, and not partial, knowledge of the patient, to whom treatments compatible with the medication prescribed by his allopathic doctor are applied, who will decrease it as his symptoms improve. These treatments include cases as diverse as: Ondine, Down, Raynaud's syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Polyarthritis, motor delays, cognitive, platelet disorders, herniated discs, infertility, pregnancy monitoring, digestive problems, respiratory problems, etc.

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