Hook therapy

Tools that help us to undo adhesions, especially in those areas where tendons suffer most often from repetitive movements, and therefore limit our joint movements.

Manipulative therapy

Once the first adhesion barrier is broken we place the vertebrae with small impulses, it allows us to correctly align the joints that release the energy flow, and allow us, for example, to move the neck better.

Myofascial Therapy

After the breakdown of the first barrier of adhesions we have a free way to access the deepest planes at the fascial level, and what are the fascias? The envelopes that surround the muscles and viscera of the organisms; We start with the most superficial and reach the deepest where the world of emotions is, the viscera.

This is where we begin our fourth stage of the journey, the connection of the viscera with the nervous system: all emotion is connected viscerally to the brain either through the insula, the amygdala or the cerebellum, we go from the most unconscious to the conscious Well, all these structures are bathed in the cerebrospinal fluid that goes from the skull to the sacrum through a subtle movement in flexoextension; craniosacral therapy is what allows us to have that free path allowing us to properly nourish all the viscera and nervous system, therefore the emotions.

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