Traditional chinese medicine and acunpunture


Woman in an acupuncture session

Acupuncture is an energy medicine that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is structured on the philosophical principles that have existed, especially TAOISM.

Acupuncture is, above all, a preventive medicine that tries to harmonize man in his constant dynamism between heaven and earth.

The human body is covered by invisible channels through which energy circulates. Along these channels there are some points where the energy is especially concentrated, and whose manipulation with acupuncture needles can maintain the balance and harmony of the organism.

The acupuncturist is a person who knows the laws of the Universe in themselves and their relationship with man, who knows the existence of the energy channels of our organism and the circulation of energy through them.

Diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition

Dietetics and nutrition From ancient China, dietetic and nutritional treaties are conserved and of great importance for the homeostasis of the organism, which combined the 5 elements of pentacoordination and organized nutrients with respect to this law.
At present, in addition to all these considerations that these Chinese teachers made, the aggressions caused by the human being, as well as the environmental contamination with respect to nutrients (systemic insecticides, fertilizers, additives, radiations and a long period of time) are introduced into Chinese dietetics etc.) that is capable of altering the human genome in its entirety.


Heliotherapy consists of treating various diseases by exposing all or a particular part of the body to the sun's rays.


Hydrotherapy consists in the therapeutic use of water using its physical and chemical properties. The water molecule (H20) is capable of transporting both thermal and other wavelength information, making use of its molecular capacity as a dipole in its 104 degrees of hydrogen with respect to oxygen.


Green leaves hanging on a rope

Also in the West, good treaties are described in this regard, defining native plants, although their use and mode of use are different. An example may be the chemical use through pills, syrups, etc ..., compared to the use in macerations or uptake of the vibrational frequency of the plant in its dew.

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